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Advertising videos: what they are

Branded content videos, or promotional videos, represent the latest frontier in both online and offline marketing.

With a video advertisement, or branded content video, it is possible to attract audiences and push them to purchase a product or service through a persuasive, captivating message. In the field of marketing, this approach represents one of the latest and most effective promotional frontiers one could wish for. Within social media or platforms such as YouTube, but also for local TV and offline spaces, a short, impactful video advertisement can capture the attention of thousands of people near and far from your brand. An opportunity that knows no geographical or temporal boundaries: once made, the video ad can be combined with an advertising campaign on Instagram or Facebook, as well as with TV channels at airports or department stores. The applications are endless and make it possible to reach a wide and transversal audience that includes young people, professionals, couples, families, the elderly and any other possible niche. Autori Multimediali produces advertising videos from scripts or, in the most complex cases, from a visual storyboard agreed with the client based on their needs and timeframe. We take every detail into account to produce excellent results at always favourable prices and conditions.

Production and creation

Producing and creating a video requires analysis skills, advanced technical equipment and a winning story. Shall we start?

Relying on us for a promotional video production means being able to count on a serious and qualified partner, available to collaborate with the communication agency and with the company itself. But what makes an advertising video truly captivating? The answer lies in a combination of factors that in turn depend on the directing, video shooting, editing, sound mix, animation, not to mention costumes, staging, make-up and lighting. So many elements that, combined together, contribute to the success of a video production that lives up to expectations. With our help and experience, we provide the customer with everything they need to create their branded content video within a reasonable timeframe and without any unforeseen events. From actors to music, from aerial drone shooting to editing, we can provide the best professionals and the most advanced videomaking technology for indoor or outdoor video production shooting. We work throughout the city and province of Milan and can travel to the rest of the country depending on the destination where the filming will take place, in perfect synergy with the client. With thirty years of experience behind us, Autori Multimediali is synonymous with quality, safety and reliability for all kinds of promotional video production.

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The preliminary creative briefing

It all starts with a preliminary creative briefing. The starting point for coordinating the work and creating the perfect video.

Creativity is the watchword when it comes to a promotional video for social media, YouTube, TV or other channels. Through a thorough preliminary briefing, both online and in person, we are able to build the right narrative in line with the brand’s values, expectations and promotion goals. We understand the logic of marketing and are ready to share valuable advice with our clients on the format, the length of the video, the inclusion of music and graphic effects, as well as other specific needs to be taken into account. In all our work and projects, we aim to develop original, unique content that is different from anything that has been done before, telling the story of a brand, product or service according to the intended audience of the video. From the preliminary briefing to the actual video there are then several intermediate stages, stages that we at Autori Multimediali manage together with our collaborators and partner studios with whom we have been working for years in Milan and in many other regions of Italy.

The stages of video production

In order to produce a successful advertising video, it is advisable to move on several fronts, from the initial feasibility study to the actual creation.

The production of a modern promotional video is an operation that can be approached in very different ways. Depending on the budget, the deadline, the location and the channel that will host the video once it has been produced, it is possible to follow more or less rapid routes. Our team is structured to undertake every video production alternative, from inexpensive ones for simple commercials on TikTok to more demanding ones for local or national TV spots. The production phases include preliminary feasibility analysis, writing a synopsis, location scouting, scheduling filming on the agreed day, and then studio video editing, voice over, sound design, exporting in the format suitable for the medium where the promotion will take place… all this can be done in the same way for videos in Italian or other languages, with or without graphics and subtitles, for reproduction on telephone displays or for large formats such as on cinema screens. Rely on our specialists for more information without any obligation!

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From thumbnails to call to action

There are many aspects that contribute to the success of a promotional video. With us at Autori Multimediali you can have them all.

It is not enough to plan the production of a video, create it, and then hope that the rest will happen by itself. There are countless tweaks and additional details that can help reach a potentially boundless audience or fan base. Think, for example, of the video thumbnails, i.e. the covers that are uploaded online along with the video itself and that are shown before the play button is pressed. But let’s also think about the call-to-action of the video, which must be translated into images and words before or afterwards. Then there is the format, a choice that must be weighed up when exporting and converting the video depending on the channel in which the video will be published. Maximum attention must also be paid to the constraints given by advertising platforms such as Facebook Adv or YouTube: in these and in others there are limitations on the use of certain words, overlays, timings to be respected, and so on. Our video makers and communication specialists know all the variables at play, guaranteeing a customised video production in all circumstances.

Our team of specialists

Video makers, photographers, authors, interpreters, lighting crew, make-up artists: the Autori Multimediali team is at your disposal.

Our team embodies the set of skills that can be found on the market today when it comes to video production and in particular the production of advertising videos. Thanks to the solid network of partners that we have built up over more than 30 years of activity, we can guarantee our clients maximum flexibility in finding the most suitable people for that specific type of assignment. We have collaborators throughout the province of Milan, in Lombardy and the rest of Italy, ready to work as long as necessary and thus optimise costs and travel. We can also count on the availability of a studio and a recording studio, spaces that in some productions and for certain promotion objectives prove to be strategic. If you too would like to rely on a team of qualified professionals, all you have to do is contact us, without obligation, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page. Companies that turn to us can request consultations and free-of-charge estimates, ideal for getting to know the operating methods, conditions, timing and costs of our advertising videos in detail and without any commitment.