Corporate video production

Corporate videos to promote and communicate

Corporate videos: what they are

Creating a corporate video means gaining cross-promotional, narratives and other benefits.

A corporate video is a video filmed on behalf of a brand, a company or a professional with the aim of narrating a service, a product, an event, but also with the intention of describing and presenting a business to the general public. Video can take many forms, from motion graphics to reportage, from interviews to live event recording. The options for recording a video are manifold and offer different advantages: each one has a narrative potential to be brought out to the fullest thanks to advanced filming technologies and well-orchestrated direction work. Duties and tasks that we at Autori Multimediali handle every day with passion and enthusiasm, to offer our clients a state-of-the-art corporate video production service. On the strength of our 30 years’ experience in the field and the flexibility we can guarantee in terms of both travel and scheduling, we are certain that we can fulfil our duties without compromise and with extreme expertise.

Our company in Milan

Specialising in corporate video production since 1995, today we are a company capable of handling any corporate videomaking project.

Our company is based in Milan, at 2 Via F. Lippi, an office that acts as a coordination centre for the various crews involved in corporate video projects, e-learning videos, filming for live events and so on. We work throughout Lombardy, Triveneto and the rest of Italy, not excluding collaborations abroad for clients in Canton Ticino, France, Spain and elsewhere. Our team is made up of qualified professionals with years of experience in multimedia projects in the field of communication and marketing for SMEs, Italian companies, multinationals, and companies in the most diverse business fields. Online education, banking, automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, wine & food, travel, etc. We know what it takes to nurture word-of-mouth around a brand and we have all the tools and technologies to best meet the client’s expectations. Our company in Milan is at your disposal to help you create a corporate video that is up to scratch: put us to the test!

Autori Multimediali present your company with institutional

videos based on the narration for web marketing and social media


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For websites, trade fairs, showrooms and countless other needs

Our videos find their way onto websites, ecommerce and corporate YouTube channels, as well as live trade fairs, showrooms, shops and public places.

A corporate video is a video that finds application in numerous areas. Showcase websites and institutional portals, online ecommerce, trade fairs, showrooms and shops, offices open to the public and many more. With our means, our state-of-the-art cinematographic equipment and our video editing software, we can explore every kind of format and language, for short or long videos, with resolution for maxi screens or PC displays, in Italian, English or other languages, with or without subtitles, with voice over or with live actors, with video footage from a drone or from the ground…. in short: every solution and every wish can be fulfilled together with our specialists and our team of video makers after analysing the scenario, the location and above all the goals to be achieved with the corporate video. From the corporate video to celebrate twenty years of a company to the corporate video for the launch of a new product, with us every idea comes to life and becomes a valuable continuum.

Why choose Autori Multimediali for your video production?

Free briefings and quotes, but also exceptional value for money. Here are some of the reasons to choose us.

Autori Multimediali is synonymous with quality and competence. Since 1995 we have produced hundreds of corporate videos for Italian and foreign clients, reaching a vast audience of millions of consumers and users. Our corporate videos have been seen everywhere and have enabled the companies involved to improve engagement, visibility and marketing actions both online and offline. We can boast an excellent price/quality ratio, we ensure maximum speed of execution and attention to detail, we work on time and within agreed budgets, and we are available to provide valuable advice and suggestions with no strings attached. We are the ideal partner for corporate video strategies in the city of Milan and anywhere else in Italy. Fill in the contact form now to talk to us and receive a quote with terms, conditions, timing and all the details for the creation of your corporate video!

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Our corporate video equipment

All the equipment we have represents the best of the technology available today. For corporate videos that hit the mark.

The list of equipment we use for corporate video production is long and constantly being updated. We currently have the latest generation of film and photographic equipment such as Sony Cinema PXW Fx6 cameras, Sony Cinema ILME Fx3 cameras, Sony Cinema Lenses, fluid head tripods, Pro Gimbal Cartons, Dolly, Sennheiser radio microphones with lavalier, Radiogelati, Mixer audio recorder, speakers, gels, cabling, DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, Black Magic mobile director for Full HD / 4K streaming with digital recorder, 4K editing workstation and others. The end result is a corporate video that can aspire to resolutions and fluidity worthy of modern cinema, without the cost and logistical requirements. Let our experience guide you: book a free, no-obligation initial consultation directly online or in person by calling 02 39313051.

Over 40 collaborators in Milan and throughout Italy

Our collaborators are spread all over Italy, from the hinterland of Milan to the south and the islands. A network that we can activate within 24 hours.

Our company works with accredited professionals throughout Italy: cameramen, scriptwriters, actors, sound designers, musicians, costume designers, make-up artists, set designers, narrators… a team of people who can mobilise quickly and work in synergy with each other, reaching the location designated for filming or working remotely in the case of editing, montage, sound recording and similar activities. Such a team allows us to be versatile and optimise time, thus reducing the cost of the whole project. Depending on what you want to achieve, we will act in concert to offer you the best service according to your budget. Take a look for yourself at the selection of corporate videos we have produced over the years and book a no-obligation preliminary consultation to speak to one of our contacts. Autori Multimediali has been working with companies for more than 30 years on business videos that strike the viewer’s heart and mind. Rely on our specialists!



Il video virale di prodotto è un vero e proprio mini documentario sul prodotto, commentato da speaker. L’utente del non è costretto a leggere caratteristiche tecniche e tabelle, il video veicolerà in pochi secondi ogni informazione in modo coinvolgente, emozionale ed efficace.

 Mostrare in video i migliori “case history” della propria azienda, tramite testimonianze, interviste e report. Il filmato istituzionale consolida l’immagine della propria azienda, presentandola sui Social, creando una comunità di utenti interessati a condividere esperienze e interessi. Il racconto visivo è la chiave per una comunicazione semplice e diretta.


Che si desideri proporre una campagna pubblicitaria, coinvolgere la forza vendita, potenziare un brand o fidelizzare la clientela… i video risultano un tassello importante nella strategia di comunicazione.
La possibilità di raccontare storie semplici e di impatto è la chiave per il coinvolgimento emozionale degli utenti.