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Shoot your music promo in the best luxurious locations in Italy!
We create music videos, treating them as if they were mini films and paying special attention to scripts and storyboards. During the production phase we focus on the perfection of every detail: lights, camera movements (dolly, crane), acting.
We create promotional spots for broadcast TV, Web TV and IPTV. We partner with music managers to create work that communicates effectively and is also exciting to view. We offer consulting during scriptwriting so as to strengthen the dramatic effect and maximize the cost/benefit ratio for each scene. Once the script has been written, timeframes and costs are established. During the pre-production phase we research the best italian locations (in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence), cast actors, and organize bureaucratic authorizations and the transportation of the film crew. During the production phase Autori Multimediali, using its film crew and internal equipment, attempts to produce the highest technical quality possible in photography, audio, effectiveness and precision in acting.

Why choose us
Autori Multimediali optimizes production costs by using its own equipment and film crew, but it also relies on professionals who are extremely attentive to the quality of the final film.
We pay special attention to lights, camera movements and audio quality.
We use SONY FS-7, Red One, Arriflex ALEXA to get the best quality.
Our productions are distinguished from the competition by the cinematic feel of their images, the variety of framing devices, real SLOW MOTION (200 fps) and the intelligent use of film language.
All of these aspects aim to enhance the visual and communicative effectiveness of our work.
Our staff comes from Rai and Mediaset (the principal Italian TV broadcasters) and each individual is selected from among the top Italian professionals who have already worked on the filming of thousands of hours of advertising, movies, documentaries and live events.

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