Branded Content Videos production

Engange your audience with our Branded Content Videos

Branded Content Video Production

The power of audiovisual content is now within hand reach of the SME.

Autori Multimediali can plan and create your Branded Content Video to Social Media channels or to present at conferences, meetings and international fairs.

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Product videos
These are veritable mini documentaries on a product, including professional narration and computer graphics.
Website users are no longer limited to reading technical features and tables; a video can provide complete information in a few absorbing, moving and powerful seconds. Careful and intelligent use of Social Media and the online video platform YouTube can facilitate communication via unique and captivating videos. YouTube can be a precious viral marketing resource for SMEs.

Team video
These videos present the company team: each member presents him/herself to the user or is interviewed. Team videos are effective in conveying a professional and friendly image for the company.

Testimonial videos and Social Media
Several brief interviews with satisfied clients can be an effective way of demonstrating the quality of your products and services.

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Location video
Hotel, resort, beauty farm, villaggi vacanza e tour operator non dovrebbero fare a meno dell’opportunità di mostrare le attrattive di luoghi e servizi.
It is essential for hotels, resorts, beauty farms, holiday villages and tour operators to display the attractiveness of their locations and services. An official film is an investment that can be used to strengthen an organization’s image in various ways:
– To display accommodations via internal TV or at a reception desk;
– As a giveaway for clients;
– As a promotional item for tour operators and travel agencies.
– To present facilities on websites and specialized portals

Public Relations videos
Whether you are interested in launching an advertising campaign, involving the sales force, boosting a brand or enhancing customer loyalty…audiovisual tools can be an important part of the chosen communication strategy.The power to emotionally involve the viewer can greatly enhance all Public Relations activities.Ideas can be developed and communicated very quickly using streaming video, DVDs, CD ROMS and emails with mpeg attachments.

Branded Content Video
Autori Multimediali creates your Branded Content Video with multiple cameras to engange your audience.
Online videos have a high ROI. This is a method of promoting products and services at the best cost/efficiency ratio.
The Web enables an ever-growing number of companies to exploit the power of emotional involvement offered by video.

WebTV integrates and blends text and graphic contents into film and television formats. Users can view films online, via video streaming or live. Users can also download specific content. If the work is broadcast live, users can interact with presenters and interviewers or with program editors via chat and forums.
WebTV offers an opportunity for companies to take advantage of a customized, private television channel that supports company communication, the press office and public relations, staff training and motivation (Knowledge management) and initiatives for users and enhancing customer loyalty (Customer Relations Management). If your company is interested in creating WebTV, Autori Multimediali, in collaboration with qualified software companies, can select and fine tune the technological platform most suitable for your needs, train your staff and act as an outsourced provider of personalized content.

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•          Consultancy during the drafting of scripts
•          Creation of storyboards and animatics
•          Executive production (location, casting, technical film crew)
•          Directing