The team was very professional… The DVD turned out to be a very successful product…
Cristina Spano

Choosing Autori Multimediali for the creation of institutional videos has proved to be a winning choice. Technical competence, quality work, the production timescales, problem solcing capacities, and a great deal of sensitivity towards the demands of the client are their strong points. The supplier’s offer has also turned out to be economically competitive in comparison with similar services offered by the competition

I’ve been working with autori Multimediali for several years. The reason way is straightforward: I’ve always had excellent results and an excellent relationship in the processing stage. Autori Multimediali provides amples guarantees, not only reliability when it comes to meetings deadlines, but also in terms of quality of work when it comes to performance and accuracy. The fact that they can chip in even in the drafting phase with suggestions and ideas that enrich and improve the project you are working on, make them, in my opinion, a dynamic and innovative unit
Ilaria Benini, Development Editor

Excellence consultancy offered from our business proposal: with just a click products, equipment and services all with trademark maximum flexibility of use

Marco Crestana

Communication PHADIA

The Autori Multimediali team has fully met all of our exoectations, not only in terms of quality – excellent in every aspect – but especially distinguishing themselves by their personal initiative and the contribution of innovative ideas to improve the product. On the interpersonal side, the Autori Multimediali has proved to be a partner that is always interested in working in the best environment. A heartfelt thanks.

Autori Multimediali has shown to be a precious collaborator in creating DVDs for the book of ENglish Culture, Culture Clips. Working in a spirit of dialogue, offering timely suggestions and unparallaled technical expertise, the company provided a professional and quality service

Valentina Gabusi